2016 Grants

Take a Stand for Learning, Ruth Cherry Intermediate: $2,484.48

Students can become complacent and find it difficult to sit still in class. Flexible seating is a great solution to this problem. With adjustable height tables and stools, our students can choose their preference and take ownership of their learning. This is why we are Taking a STAND for Learning!!

3,2,1 Galaxy Ed!, Davis Elementary: $800.00

Gives students an opportunity to use an engaging, innovative computer program that allows for a creative, fun outlet while reinforcing student's math and reading skills!

STEAM Box Start Up, Davis Elementary: $369.56

Students need exposure to STEAM in the classroom, but it is difficult for teachers to find the resources. STEAM boxes allow the students at Davis Elementary to have access to real-world, interdisciplinary projects to encourage collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Connecting Parents to 21st Century Learning, Davis Elementary: $400.00

Enhances Family Literacy and Math Nights with the purpose of improving parent involvement and engaging parents and students with 21st century learning activities. Children benefit tremendously when there is a connection between their two worlds: home and school.

 Cubelets 12, Davis Elementary: $1,849.50

Jo Nell Mellody Innovation Legacy Grant Cubelets are engaging robots which young kids can both enjoy and learn. They are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers. Cubelets provide a learning experience where kids put cubes together to form a functioning robot. While having fun, the product promotes procedural thinking and gives students the experience of developing step-by-step strategies for solving problems.

Innovation and Imagination at Work, Fort Elementary: $2,125.00

Children are natural creators. They have an amazing aptitude for creativity and innovation. This grant puts the tools students need to create and design into their hands! Students can create digital products like their own app! This type of learning lifts students up to new planes of experience and meaning by allowing them to explore and construct solutions to real problems.

All Aboard the PreK Train, Fort Elementary: $938.96

Children like to explore and figure out how things work. They like to create and recreate using hands-on manipulatives. This grant puts those tools in the hands of our bilingual Pre-K students. They will learn to become problem solvers, use higher order thinking skills, be cooperative, develop language skills and vocabulary all while becoming proficient in math, science, technology and engineering.

Bullseye for Bulldogs, Fort Elementary: $3,484.00

Archery is one of the oldest sports still in practice today. Kids are fascinated with this sport that uses bows and arrows. Through archery lessons kids will gain focus, increase their self-confidence, and learn team building skills. This helps build a great recipe for success on the archery field, in the classroom, and in life.

We Write the Songs that Make Fort Sing, Fort Elementary: $699.78

Third and fourth graders learn to play a basic melody with the right hand on the piano as they read notes on the music staff. This grant affords students the ability to compose a melody and see it printed out for them to keep as their own composition. Our students create when they write a story or draw a picture, so why not compose their own music melody?

Let’s Keep Talking, RCHS: $662.94

This grant allows Spanish and French teachers to administer individual speaking assessments and give students more confidence in using the language. Headsets were purchased to accommodate a full class of foreign language learners.

Full STEAM Ahead, RCMS: $3,750

This grant supplies RCMS with enough 3D printer filament and other supplies, such as paint and other required items, for each student and teacher to have an allotment of 120cm3 each. For reference, 120cm3 is equivalent to 3 golf balls.

Scott Elementary STEAM Initiative: $4,400

Students extend their learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math through whole-class challenges and independent STEAM bins. Students engage in hands-on, higher-level thinking activities that will increase their problem-solving skills through authentic creating and learning. Makerspace activities will also enhance learning at Scott Elementary.

Opening the World, Miss May Vernon Elementary: $489.47

In our narrow corner of the world, we see, hear, and experience local scenes, ideas, connections and activities on a daily basis. A class web camera, audio, movie, screencast, and memory tools, allow students to see, hear and experience different parts of the world with local guides to answer questions, show up-close and personal exclusive-to-their-part-of-the-world information, and have student led learning in a 21st century model!

Extreme Makeover Lab Edition, Miss May Vernon Elementary: $4,629.51

Students learn to use all available resources to create and develop something they are proud of. Flexible seating allows students to work independently, work collaboratively, gain autonomy, learn to use their resources appropriately, and yes, hopefully, even jump up and down with excitement!