2017 Grants

"Swivling" in Science, Herndon Intermediate: $878.00

Your child has a dentist appointment and misses science class. You forgot to set your alarm and your child misses science class. Your child gets the chicken pox and misses a week of science. You want to help your child with homework, but haven't had 5th grade in over 20 years. The purpose of this grant is to gain a Swivl robot and pro account that will allow all students and parents access to our everyday classroom through my YouTube channel.

Robots Put the JOY in Learning, Royse City Middle School: $2120.00

Spheros are more than just fun! They are easy enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for skilled computer programmers. Beyond teaching coding, they incorporate math, physics, and problem solving in fun and innovative ways!

Bending the Rules of Learning, Anita Scott Elementary: $2,100.00

The purpose for this grant is to provide adaptive and comfortable seating that will encourage children to explore their learning environment in a new and creative way. Students will use the flexible seating as a tool to help them focus while learning.

Expedition Engagement, Davis Elementary: $4,500.00

Davis is ready for Expedition Engagement! Virtual Reality is the future of education, bringing the universe to classrooms to help make learning more meaningful and engaging. By having our own in-house Google Expedition kit, we would enable our staff to utilize technology and open a whole new world to their students. A campus-based kit would also allow us to introduce our families and community to this technology

Bulldog Beats (DrumFit), Herndon Intermediate: $3,400.00

The purpose for this grant is to engage our physical education students through the means of DrumFit; which addresses students physical, emotional, and intellectual needs making fitness easy to teach and a BLAST to learn.

Where We're Going, We Won't Need Desks, Royse City High School: $4,975.16

Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need Desks will provide students comfort in the classroom increasing motivation and engagement. Students will expend excess energy, boost metabolism, and improve core and posture. Physical activity and increased oxygen to the brain are linked to higher academic performance and improved behavior. work.  

Dashing through Coding, Fort Elementary: 1,895.00

Robot is a magical, engaging word for kids. However, that same word can strike fear into the heart of most teachers. Dash and Dot robots are responsive robots that can be used with ages six and up. They are interactive with students, their environment, and each other. Young students can use their voices to command them while older students can code their every move. This scaffolding makes these robots easy to operate for students and teachers! With built in professional development for teachers and lessons and challenge cards for kids, these are a great choice for a beginning robotics program.

Heroes Challenge, Herndon Intermediate: $800.00

It will bring excitement, high energy, and problem solving into the classroom by having students solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open a locked box. The Breakout Edu Kit will be an excellent tool for teachers to use in the development and nurturing of basic life skills among our students, such as communication, critical thinking, collaborating and troubleshooting. The best part is that it can be used in all content areas.

Breakout EDU Kit, Davis Elementary: $800.00

It is a sometimes a challenge to get our students to get excited about learning. During a Breakout game, students work in groups to solve a series of puzzles that will give them combinations to open locked boxes and ultimately win the game. Materials are pretty simple - boxes, locks, and puzzles.

Lights! Camera! Action! This is the News (Take Two), Herndon Intermediate: $236.00

Students use critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, and analysis as they choose, research, and produce news stories. Students use creativity as they research and develop their story into an appealing, engaging news report. Producing a newscast requires students to have perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, and initiative.

Paint the Town, Royse City High School: $557.90

Let's paint our town red! Or Blue! Or yellow, or green.... Using our materials in new and innovative ways always helps to keep our students engaged. The students will have the opportunity to create a painting in/near downtown Royse City! Once back in the classroom, the easels will help the students gain the experience of painting with their canvases in a vertical position, as opposed to lying flat on the tables, which will allow them to stand up, therefore freeing up their range of motion so as to create a more gestural, expressionistic image.

Get Your Gusto on for Game Gallery, Davis Elementary: $600.00

How can students grow gusto for learning in the 2nd grade classrooms? The KAMICO Game Gallery is the ticket! The KAMICO Game Gallery will provide exciting and amazing ways to present Reading, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math skills that all TEKS focused and connected.